Do you have a real-estate full of old furniture, useless things and worn-out clothes that you need to empty out?

As the time passes by we collect numerous things and store them in our apartments. Some bring out special memories or feelings, while others have become useless long time ago. On the other hand, these same things give our apartments a personal touch and we can call them home.

But what happens when an apartment needs to be cleared out due to relocation, sale or other reasons? What to do with all unnecessary things? How to move and remove heavy furniture?

Removing furniture, emptying wardrobes and clearing old clothes can be quite expensive, exhausting and time-consuming. Enjoy your precious time with friends and family while we do the work for you. We remove old household or office furniture from your home, office, garage, basement or attic and take care for the transport. Things that can be reused (furniture, clothes) are donated to people in need, while the rest is disassembled and taken to a recycling center or a landfill.

Are you renovating your apartment and would like to replace old furniture with a new one?

Is your home full of useless things that take up space, are collecting dust and make you feel trapped? Then we are the right answer: we are here to help you quickly and efficiently clear your home with low costs and give your apartment a fresh look.

Have you inherited a real-estate that you would like to sell or renovate but have no physical or psychical strength to empty it?

We will be more than glad to help you and we promise your heritage will be treated with respect and dignity.
Old furniture, as well as personal objects that are no longer useful or had belonged to previous owners, will be cleaned and removed to give space to new beginnings.

Have you bought an apartment and would like to rent it if it wasn’t full of old and worn-out furniture?

Many potential lessees will decide against renting your apartment only because of old-fashioned equipment and worn-out furniture, while clearing apartments may be an expensive and time-consuming effort. Let us do the job for you: we will clear your apartment in the shortest time possible and prepare it for rent as well as all comfort needed for your lessees.


  • 1.) clearing your home from wall to wall;
  • 2.) a free-of-charge visit to your real-estate and a non-binding and unchangeable offer based on the visit, without any hidden costs);
  • 3.) punctual, efficient, experienced, fast, well-trained and hardworking team;
  • 4.) possessions, staircases, and elevators protection;
  • 5.) sorting and clearing unwanted things.

How much does it cost?

During our first and free visit to your real-estate, our experts will take into consideration various factors that may cause the price to vary, such as:

  • - quantity and size of the furniture,
  • - location of the real-estate;
  • - floor of the real-estate;
  • - quantity of things to clear.

An offer with an unchangeable price without any hidden costs will be presented to you the day after our visit. The offer is confirmed and the service can take place only when a work performance agreement is signed and after a prepayment of 50 % of the price stated in the offer is payed. The rest is paid on the first working day after the completion of our service.

Before and after

What happens to the objects we remove from your apartment?

All the waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly way as we strongly believe in:

  • - waste reduction
  • - reuse
  • - recycle

We do our best to reduce the quantity of waste as much as possible. Old furniture that can no longer be used is disassembled and recycled, while the furniture in good condition is donated or renovated and reused. Clothes, bed linen, household appliances, and other useful object are also donated to families in need (with the help of Red Cross, Humana, and similar organizations).
Every object is inspected separately to make sure it goes to the right place: whether to a new family to be reused, to a recycling center or to a landfill.

Why are we the right choice?


Old furniture, things we no longer use or that have piled through time in our apartments, clothes we no longer wear may be just what another family desperately needs but can’t afford it.


Our team will make sure your belongings will go to people in need and make their day better, while you will not have to stress about clearing your apartment.


Moving large and heavy pieces of furniture may damage your parquet or wall corner or even lead to injuries. This is why we take extreme care and caution when clearing your apartment and protect it from unnecessary damage that may occur during clearance.


Every part of furniture is disassembled in a different way depending on the material. Our team is expert in fast disassembling that consequentially makes it easier to recycle or dispose each part of furniture separately.